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Escape Artist Texas invites you to enter a world of your choosing. Be prepared for an exciting and challenging adventure of solving puzzles, cracking codes, and unraveling mysteries from within. Enjoy an escape from reality with 3-10 friends in 60 minutes while testing your wits. Book now to see if you have what it takes to become an Escape Artist or are you just another chump?! Searching for an escape room in Houston? Search no further, book with us today!
Escape Room Houston

Do you have what it takes to become an Escape Artist?

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Houston Escape Room
Jailbreak   (Minimum of 3 Participants)
You and your friends were wrongfully framed for trafficking drugs.  You are all placed in a jail cell until you are transferred to a high security prison.  After learning the guards' routines, you realize there is a one hour window to escape!  Can you escape in one hour or will you be locked up for life?

Room Size

(Min. 3 people, Preferred 5-6 people, Max 10 people)

Success Rate: 28%
  • 28%

Panic Room
Champagne Room
Your fellow agent 96, has been undercover as a stripper named Candy. She has been trying to uncover a drug lord’s money laundering operation at the Champagne Room. She has found $50,000 in unmarked bills and stashed it in the room. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find the money and escape the room before the drug lords return in one hour.

Room Size

(Min. 2 people, Preferred 4-5 people, Max 6 people)

Success Rate: 24%
  • 24%

Panic Room
The Cabin
After renting a cabin in the woods to escape city life, you and your fellow adventurers were in the middle of a hike and stumbled upon a quickly moving forest fire. Everyone raced back to the cabin to gather their belongings before vacating the forest... only to become trapped in the cabin. You have 1 hour to escape the cabin and out run the fire.

Room Size

(Min. 2 people, Preferred 5-8 people, Max 10 people)

Success Rate: 42%
  • 42%

Panic Room Houston
Locker Room
Dallas is at it again, and this time they are trying to steal Houston’s playoff winning football (Since they haven’t seen one in almost 20 years).  Your team has 60 minutes to solve a series of clues and puzzles, find hidden keys, to find secure the football and escape, before Dallas can get their hands on it.

Room Size

(Min. 2 people, Preferred 6-8 people, Max 10 people)

Success Rate: 34%
  • 34%

Retired Rooms Listed Below

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Escape room in Houston
Kill Room
You accidentally stumble upon a creepy murderer's den and free the flailing victim from the table. It was dark and you did not get a good look at the victim, but before escaping yourself, a familiar face, Dexter, locked you inside and said he would be back to deal with you later. As your capture rushed away, you overheard him on the phone saying he would be back in an hour.  The fate of your life hangs in the balance. Do you have what takes to escape in 60 minutes or less?
Success Rate: 37%
  • 37%

Escape Room
Live Free or Die
While interning at CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit), you and your fellow interns stumble upon a plot to bomb Kingwood. Using what you have learned through your internship and the clues that Jack, the head of CTU, left for you, diffuse the bomb before your luck runs out.  Will you be the hero of your story?
Success Rate: 26%
  • 26%
Are you tired of tons of confusing items that are not part of the game? If so, come out to Escape Artist Texas, we focus on the puzzles and fun. Contact us today for booking information or to learn more.

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